September 20th, 2011

hp- harry blue field

Gonna actually try and use this thing?

Ok, I'm going to like set an alarm or something because I want to actually keep people updated on my life.

I started school about a month ago. I love my Teaching class, I get placed into a school and get to teach, which I'm really excited about.

My biology teacher on the other hand, I can not deal with her at all. I can barely understand her and she goes on random tangents all the time. This is my second time taking this class, so I'm at somewhat of an advantage but still, it still really sucks.

Work is work.. annoying and too much, but oh well.

I went to Blink 182 Sunday, and that was amazing, I'm gonna try and do a review with pictures and stuff here soonish.

About a couple months ago I started having chest pains and a cough, so I went to the doctor a month ago and he diagnosed me with an upper respiratory infection and a pulled chest muscle. Well a week later my symptoms came back, and the chest pains got worse. I went back today and he actually seemed concerned. He gave me a prescription for an inhaler in case my coughing and shortness of breath was asthma related. He also ran an EKG and took blood to check for heart stuff, and I got a chest x-ray. I've got a history of heart disease in my family, so I'm a little worried. But hopefully everything comes back clean.
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